Workshop in Political philosophy and sexuality (2019/2020)

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Lorenzo Bernini
Lorenzo Bernini
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 17, 2020 al Mar 28, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

Workshop on Political Philosophy and Sexuality: The workshop aims at introducing the contemporary political debate related to the connection between political philosophy, and gender and sexuality issues, with a particular focus on the relations between power and subjectivity. At the end of the workshop, students: KNOWLEDGE: - will accurately know the studied theories and authors, - and their role in the contemporary political thought; - will understand the social and political processes involved in the construction of gender and sexuality, - and how these processes contribute to define the public debates that characterize the contemporary democracies. ABILITIES: - ability to discuss the studied subjects using a technical and suitable language; - acquisition of an independent judgement on the studied subjects.


What is the concept of "gender"? To what extent gender and sexuality are "useful categories of analysis"? What does it mean that gender and sexuality are "social constructions"? Retracing the genealogy that affirmed the paradigm of "social construction" and criticized the "naturalistic" models, some fundamental, philosophical, historical, sociological, political and anthropological contributions will be discussed, in the field of feminist studies, gender and sexuality studies, and lesbian, gay and queer theories. Through the study of authors such as Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir, Monique Wittig, Christine Delphy, Thomas Laqueur, Mario Mieli, Adrienne Rich, etc., and also regarding to the conflicts related to the challenges that the concept of gender has generated in the public space, the workshop proposes a reflection on gender and sexuality as categories of analysis and criticism of reality, of the logic of domination and of power relations.

Studied works will be selected from the bibliography and made available on the moodle platform. Other complementary works will be indicated during the workshop.

Teaching methods:
The discussion, supported by the reading of the texts, videos and the commentary of political and social news will be privileged.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Rossella Ghigi, Roberta Sassatelli Corpo, genere e società Il Mulino 2018
Simone de Beauvoir Il secondo sesso Il Saggiatore 2016
Mario Mieli La gaia critica. Politica e liberazione sessuale negli anni settanta. Scritti (1972 - 1983) Marsilio 2019 978-88-297-0028-8
Michel Foucault La volontà di sapere: Storia della sessualità 1 Feltrinelli 2013
R. W. Connell Maschilità Feltrinelli 1996

Assessment methods and criteria

Exam: To receive the 3 credits (F) it is necessary to attend at least 9 of the 12 lessons.