Laboratory of Computer Technologies and Multimedia (2019/2020)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Alex Arcozzi
Alex Arcozzi
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. 2A, Sem. 2B

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

Workshop on IT and multi-media The workshop aims to provide students with an updated, rigorous and analytical framework on the professional applications of information technology and multimedia in contemporary society, with a specific focus on education and teaching, taking into account both the recent evolution of Instructional Design techniques, both of the progressive affirmation of e-learning, of the diffusion of the LIM (Multimedia Interactive Whiteboard) and of m-learning (mobile-learning). Therefore, at the end of the workshop, students must be able to list and describe on a regular basis the various information and multimedia technologies to support teaching, through the adoption of scientific terminology and the constant reference to examples, case studies and best practices (national and international), all in the perspective of communication within the job environment.


Course contents
- Basics of computer science: hardware, software, Internet and Web.
- Multimedia resources: digital texts, images, audio and video.
- Guidelines for editing digital texts, multimedia presentation and concept maps.
- Digital technologies and Web resources for teaching and philosophy.

Reference texts
- Teaching material will be provided during the course and will be available on the e-learning platform. Further (optional) bibliography will be available on the e-learning platform.

Teaching methods
The course consists of frontal lessons and exercises. Both the lesson summaries and the solutions to the exercises will be available on the e-learning platform, so that even non-attending students can practise. The full schedule of teaching activities and a glossary will be available on the e-learning platform.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Alex Arcozzi Dispense del docente 2020

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods
Following the health emergency due to Covid-19, the usual examination procedures are changed for the 2020 summer and autumn session, in accordance with the indications of the University. Specifically: the exam will be held orally.

Both for attending and non-attending students, the assessment consists of a digital questionnaire (written exam) administered in a University computer room through the University e-learning platform. The exam questions are of different types (multiple choice, matching, short answer, etc.) and cover the whole syllabus. The exam aims to ascertain both the knowledge of the topics of the course and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge.

Evaluation criteria
The exam leads to two possible final evaluations:
- Approved
- Not approved

A score will be assigned for each question. The final score corresponds to the sum of the scores of all the questions that compose the questionnaire. To achieve the "Approved" evaluation, the final score has to be at least equal to 60% of the maximum final score.