Hermeneutics and Linguistic Practices (2018/2019)

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Chiara Zamboni
Chiara Zamboni
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 18, 2019 al Mar 30, 2019.

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Learning outcomes

The programme aims to encourage hermeneutic readings of philosophical texts by having students work directly on this technique during lessons. Therefore students will be required to express their own thoughts as well as listen to others' interpretations in the group activities directed by the course teacher.


The teaching programme is divided into the following subject areas:
. General outline of the hermeneutic tradition in the history of philosophy.
. Focus on the text chosen for hermeneutic interpretation, i.e. Jacques Lacan, "Il seminario. Libro III. Le psicosi 1955-56, chs. I-XV, XX-XXI, XXIII.
. A brief look at Daniel Paul Schreber, "Memorie di un malato di nervi", Open Letter, Introduction, chs. I-IX:
. Introduction to Jacques Lacan: Antonio Di Ciaccia, Massimo Recalcati, "Jacques Lacan". It is advisable to read this introductory text before lessons begin.
. Hermeneutic interpretation practice in the classroom using the aforementioned Lacan text.


Las clases hablàran sobre los siguientes temas:
. Alguna ideas generales de la tradiciòn ermeneutica en la historia de la filosofìa.
. Analisis del texto propuesto para la lectura ermeneutica, Jacques Lacan, "Il seminario. Libro III. Le psicosi 1955-56", cap. I-XV, XX-XXI, XXIII.
. Referencia a Daniel Paul Schreber, "Memorie di un malato di nervi", Lettera aperta, Introduzione, cap. I-IX.
. Introducciòn al pensamiento de Jacques Lacan: Antonio Di Ciaccia, Massimo Recalcati, "Jacques Lacan". Se aconseja leer esta introducciòn antes de que empiecen las clases.
. Lectura ermeneutica durante las clases de el texto de Lacan

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Jacques Lacan Il seminario. Libro III. Le psicosi 1955-56 Einaudi 2010
Antonio Di Ciaccia, Massimo Recalcati Jacques Lacan Bruno Mondadori 2000
Daniel P. Schreber Memorie di un malato di nervi Adelphi 1991

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment method
For students attending the course, an assessment will be made of their ability in hermeneutic interpretation as displayed during the lessons.
For students unable to attend the course, there wille be an oral examen; for admission to the exam it is mandatory to first attend the lecturer's office hour.

Metodologìa de examen
Para los que asistiràn a las clases habrà una evaluaciòn sobre la capacidad exprimida durante el trabajo ermeneneutico en aula.
Para los que no asistiràn hay un examen oral, con obligaciòn de ir a hablar durante la tutorìa que propone la profesora.