Criminal law and professional ethics (2017/2018)

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Silvana Strano
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Parte 1 4 Sem. IIA Silvana Strano

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Parte 2 2 Sem. IIA Ivan Salvadori

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Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide the necessary legal instruments to understand the different issues related to the social work interventions in the field of substantive criminal law and procedural law. At the same time it provides the main tools to guide the decision-making of the social workers in relationship with the requirement and function of the criminal justice system.
Special attention will be paid to the juvenile punishment system and the specific function of the social services in achieving the goals of the juvenile justice system.
The study of the fundamental notions of the substantive and procedure criminal law will permit to understand the complex interference profiles among the different legal institutes of the criminal law and the principles established by the ethical Code for the welfare workers.


First Part:
1. Fundamentals of Criminal Law: modern criminal law and guarantee principles; characteristics and functions of the criminal sanction and the security measures - principle of legality - elements of crime - attempt and consummation of a crime - defences – principle of culpability – criminal liability – complicity – omission as an actus reus – legal status of the social worker and – juvenile delinquency and deviance - fundamental notions of Juvenile Criminal Justice – treatment of juvenile offender and the role of the social services.
2. Fundamentals of Criminal Procedure: - fair trial - fundamental guarantees - persons - procedure and trial: from the criminal record to the judgment - Juvenile Court.

Second Part:
1. Deontology: I) the ethical Code for the welfare workers: nature, purpose and contents with special regard to the confidentiality and the professional secret; II) The relationship with the criminal law and the criminal procedure law; II) the disciplinary liability and procedure.
2. The main offences of the welfare workers: the illegal practice of a profession, the disclosure of the professional secret, the illegal breach of confidentiality, data protection, etc.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is oral. It has the goals to verify the following elements:
depth and extent of the knowledge achieved;
language properties;
ability to connect in a systematic way the knowledge achieved;
analytical and argumentative skills.
The students who have attended the course and wish to deepen their study on a particular subject, in accordance with the professor, will have the possibility to present a short paper on specific topics analyzed during the course, object of the oral interview directed to verify the knowledge achieved.

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