Legislation and administration of social services (2017/2018)

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Sergio Moro
Sergio Moro
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Sem. IIA dal Feb 26, 2018 al Apr 21, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course is based on the notion that the function of administrative authorities is to pursue the public interest, which is understood not as the interest of the administrative authority, but rather that of the community of citizens in whose service the public administrations operate.
Adopting a perspective focusing on problem solving, the course will aim to impart fundamental notions and a methodology for interpreting the law applicable to social services and identifying evolutionary trends within it.


Part I: key concepts within administrative law
The sources of administrative law.
Constitutional principles in the area of the public administration
The public administration as an organisation. Focus: territorial public bodies.
Executive action by administrative bodies
Public services

Part II: social services with particular reference to the legislation laid down by Italian Law no. 328/2000
General principles of the integrated system of social action and social services
Institutional framework and organisation of the integrated system of social action and social services
Provisions governing the conduct of particular initiatives for social integration and support
Instruments to promote the reorganisation of the integrated system of social action and social services

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
AA.VV. Lineamenti di diritto pubblico per i servizi sociali G. Giappichelli editore 2017 Esclusi i capitoli II - III - XII

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination will involve an oral discussion aimed at verifying knowledge of the fundamental notions in this area as well as the ability to contextualise the knowledge obtained and to discuss legal issues relating to social services