Social Service Methods and Techniques II (2017/2018)

Course code
Anna Maria Giarola
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
TEORIA 6 SPS/07-GENERAL SOCIOLOGY See the unit page See the unit page

Learning outcomes

To acquire analysis capacity of the service and to the integration of the work’s group;
To develop capacity of interpreting individual problems and to formule work plans;
To develop interpersonal relationship capacity;
To develop the ability to lead the partecipation’s processes;
To develop some documentary abilities of common problems and to express proposal to improve the services organization;
To develop the ability to promote collaboratives procedures aimed to the survey of social problems, to the propotion of resources and itineraries aimed to the change in the network’s optics.


The laboratory of training develops him in the second and third year of the Course in Sciences of the Social Work. It foresees the subdivision of the course in 4 groups of students of the zones of origin. Every group is conducted by an university tutor social worker. The tutors facilitate in the students the learning of the job integrating it with the theory of the lessons. It is place of exercises where the student can learn the method of the process of help with the people. It is a learning "protected" because the study and the exercises direct the student toward the job in the social work.
Internship as a Situated Learning
- The responsibility of communication
- Professional instruments
- The documentation
- Work with families between help and control
- Vulnerability and needs
- Aging and policies to support domiciliarity
- Social service seen by user

Assessment methods and criteria

The written exam aims to test student’s knowledge about the experienxe of intership.
The oral colloquium aims to test:
- lexical properties;
- student’s ability to connect single notions to knowledge system;
- analytical skills.

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