Hermeneutics and Linguistic Practies (M) (2017/2018)

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Chiara Zamboni
Chiara Zamboni
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Sem. IIA dal Feb 26, 2018 al Apr 21, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The programme aims to encourage hermeneutic readings of philosophical texts by having students work directly on this technique during lessons. Therefore students will be required to express their own thoughts as well as listen to others' interpretations in the group activities directed by the course teacher.

Este curso de ensenanza se compromete a impulsar una clave de lectura hermenéutica de los textos filosòficos, a través de un trabajo directo en aula por parte de los estudiantes. Requiere por tanto un esfuerzo en primera persona por parte de ellosa ademàs de la capacidad de comparar otras interpretaciones presentadas en el trabajo en comùn, guiado por la docente.


The teaching programme is divided into the following topic areas:
. Some basics of the hermeneutic tradition within the history of philosophy and some basics of Chines philosophy Anne Cheng, "The history of Chines philosophy)".
. Focus on the texts proposed for a hermeneutic interpretation, i.e. two classics of Chinese philosophy, "Tao te ching" and "Zhuang-zi".
. Classroom exercises on the hermeneutic interpretation of the aforementioned Chinese philosophy classics.

La formaciòn prevé los siguientes argumentos:
. Alguna lieas generales de la tradiciòn hermenèutica en la historia de la filosofìa.
. Analizar los textos sugeridos para la lectura hermenéutica, o sea dos clàsicos de la tradiciòn de la filosofìa china: "Tao te ching" y "Zhuang-zi".
. Introducciòn a la historia del pensamiento chino (Anne Cheng, "Historia del pensamiento chino"). Se aconseya leer dicha historia del pensamiento antes de empezar las classes.
. Pràctica, en clase, de la lectura hermenéutica de lo dos textos clàsicos de la filosofìa china, previamente nombrados.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Anne Cheng Storia del pensiero cinese Einaudi 2000
J.J.L. Duyvendak (a cura di) Tao te Ching Adelphi 2000
Liou Kia-hway (a cura di) Zhuang-zi Adelphi 1992

Assessment methods and criteria

Students attending the lessons will be assessed on the abilities shown in the hermeneutics exercises performed in class.
Students unable to attend the lessons will be assessed trough an oral examination.
In both cases it is an oral examination to verify the following:
- the depth and fullness of the knowledge gained;
- possession of the language;
-the ability to systematically connect the knowledge;
-analytical and argumentative skills.
The oral examination regards the whole programme.
The final mark is expressed on a scale of 30.

Para los alumnos que asistiràn a clases la evaluaciòn sera en relaciòn a la capacidad demonstrada en clase durante el trabajo hermenèutico.
Para los alumnos que no asistiràn a clases, se les evaluarà con un examen oral.