Social Service Methods and Techniques I (2016/2017)

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Roberto Dalla Chiara
Teaching is organised as follows:
Unit Credits Academic sector Period Academic staff
TEORIA 6 SPS/07-GENERAL SOCIOLOGY See the unit page See the unit page
PRINCIPI E FONDAMENTI 3 SPS/07-GENERAL SOCIOLOGY See the unit page See the unit page

Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with basic knowledge for understanding and use of the methodology of intervention of social service work in its historical development and in its current configuration.
It will also provide students with knowledge and tools for the acquisition of methods, techniques and tools to work with the audience in the cultural context and current institutional.
The purpose of the course and then, in addition to learning the fundamental basics of the discipline of social service professional is to make the student acquire a vocational-technical approach in using the tools (interview, home visit, professional relationship ...) as adopted in process to help people with situations of hardship and / or difficulties.


- The social work assistant in the institutional framework in relation to the historic place;
- The role, functions and activities of social
- The theoretical models of social service (with particular attention to those most used in Italian)
- The methodology of the support process (analysis of the intervention's social acceptance of the application and identification of the problem, information gathering and analysis of the situation, situation assessment, drafting of the proposed intervention (contract), implementation of the project intervention, monitoring and evaluation of risultasti obtained, the action)
- Work directly with customers (the relationship of aid, interview, home visits, networking, documentation)
- The social work assistant in special situations and / or with special problems presented by the user.

Assessment methods and criteria

Finding hearing

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
- CAMPANINI A.M. L’intervento sistemico. Un modello operativo per il servizio sociale Ed. Carocci 2002
Dal Pra Ponticelli M. Nuove prospettive per il servizio sociale Ed. Carocci 2010