Historical research and educational services (2014/2015)

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Mario Gecchele
Mario Gecchele
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Sem. IA, Sem. IB

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to reflect on how it is done historical research in the field of teaching, according to the different cultural models; on the meaning of objectivity and subjectivity of history; on the possibility of an interpretation of historical fact. Intends to experiment, even through concrete proposals for research, such as historical research can and should proceed according to the scientific method, passing the positions of those who used the story for a long time, turning it for convenience functionally to the defense or to the progress of a people, of a state, an ideology or a civilization. Does it bring out in particular the attention that the company has at all times and facing different marginal, both in studies and in the delivery of services and educational institutions aimed at specific person (nursing homes, healthcare and educational institutions, etc.. ).

educational Goals

Knowledge: to present, even in the form of a seminar, reflections, contents, methods of how it developed and how it is today historical research in the field of education, educational, specifying the object and method. To know the time evolution of institutions that have as their purpose the care and education.
Understanding: aims to help develop skills of research, interpretation and narration of ideas, facts about education; to understand how the present, even in the field of social and educational services, and development is the result of a journey that has its roots in past societies. Encourage the development of students' sense of history, that is the feeling involved in a process that begins in the past and continues into the future, to which every person can make a contribution.
Ability of application: presenting and doing experiment laboratoriamente concrete examples of educational research, seeks to promote capacity for a scientific approach in interpreting and historically situate the various educational services.


History and history of education. The method of the historian.
Historiography in education.
Theories, methods, sources and models.
Content current research in the history of pedagogy.
The evolution of special education.

Reading list
Gecchele M. (eds), Clipboard History of Pedagogy, Pantry 2014-2015 Edit Here at the Library, Verona.
M. Gecchele, diversity. A historical approach, Store 2014-2015, Here at the Library Edit.
HI Marrou, Historical knowledge, Il Mulino, Bologna, 1997.
A.Ş. Rugiu, A Brief History of Education artisan, Carocci, Rome, 2008.

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods
Written examination with open questions

The course is open to all members. Seminars will be activated among those present.