History of Education and Pedagogy [Cognomi A-L] (2014/2015)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Mario Gecchele
Mario Gecchele
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Language of instruction
Sem. IIA, Sem. IIB

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

cultural objectives
The history of education and pedagogy explores the evolution of educational thought, captures the most pronounced changes of the various educational models and at the same time educational practices (in the family, at school, in the different ages of man) occurred in the course of time, especially starting from the modern age. Allows in this way to reflect on the thinking of some important pedagogues of the past that have marked the history of education; puts the light on the pragmatic use, did in school and not only that, the teaching of history, that is aimed at practical effects underlying conceptions providential, ethnocentric and nationalistic; makes us understand how we are the fruit of men, their thoughts and their works, which have gone before us, in a process, continuous and discontinuous at the same time

educational goals
The course of the history of education and pedagogy aims to help students, who targeted training for professional educators, to develop a vision on the evolution of the terms and historiographical reflections sull'educativo, characterized not by foreclosures and apriorisms but rather by a sense of the complexity of the methods, points of view and attitudes of openness. Through the delivery of issues and frameworks, the course thus tends to promote a critical reflexive cultural and educational issues related to modern and contemporary period and a first acquisition of vocabulary teaching.
* Knowledge: the path of pedagogy and education in modern and contemporary. Depth study of some topic related pedagogical (eg. Educator, children, women, differently abled, marginalized, adult and elderly), in its historical development.
* Understanding: development of critical thinking skills of the student, who must stand in front of each historical document (written or not) with an attitude of "suspension" and without prejudice and preconception, but with the ability to objectively correct reading and interpretation.
* Ability to apply: the student at the end of the course, you should have gained understanding of pedagogical texts and place them in time. Should be able to understand the evolution of educational thought to grasp the permanence and absences in the world today; to bring out a line of continuity that binds the various eras to the present. In a speech to interpret the evolution of historical and pedagogical know how to contextualize analyzing it from several points of view.


Course Syllabus
The path of education and pedagogy in the modern age, from Rousseau to the present day.
The evolution of the concept of disability and educational practices towards the 'other'.
Analysis of sources and documents relating to the history of special education.

Reading list
R. Lanfranchi-J.M. Prellezo, Elementary school and pedagogy in the furrows of history, vol. 2, the Enlightenment era of globalization, LAS, Rome, 2008.
Schianchi Matthew, History of disability. From the punishment of the gods to the crisis of the welfare state, Carocci, Rome, 2012.
J.J. Rousseau, Emilio or education, Book I-II-III (any edition).
Gecchele M., (eds), Sources and Documents, Pantry at Palazzo Zorzi Library and Bookstore Here Edit)

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination with open questions
The course is open only to the letters A-L.