Pedagogy of intercultural dialogue (2011/2012)

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Rosanna Cima
Rosanna Cima
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Sem. 1A dal Oct 3, 2011 al Nov 13, 2011.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

Educational Objectives:
- To know the Cultural Mediation’s Pedagogy as an approach to the educational instances brought by migrations. This first step lets the student to locate necessary connections for reading the educational processes related to the cultural context of migrant children, youngs, adults.
- To deepen, inside the Cultural Mediation’s Pedagogy field, conflict and meeting aspect. The reference to the conflict and meeting, both aspects that are linked with every human’s life, lets the student to understand the limits and the operational apertures inside the educational work.
- To know how to set educational and cultural mediation projects with individuals, families and different ages and languages groups. Analyzing concrete situations related to migrant families lets the student approach the planning and to experiment in this specific educational field.


- Analysis of the theoretical contributions of ethnoclinic address Cultural Mediation’s pedagogy
- Deepening of conflict theme as resource and meeting as educational work for relational creation
- Cultural Mediation’s pedagogy inside educational planning: invisible proximities
- Cultural Mediation in action: the role of communities and memberships.
The theoretical part will be related to educational, social and care services realities by analyzing migrant families and/or singles concrete situations.
Teaching methods: lectures; small group researches; deepening seminars. Will be located one or more quality instruments for the course experience reworking and returning.
1) Rosanna Cima, Incontri possibili. Mediazione culturale per una pedagogia sociale, Carocci, Roma 2009.
2) Miguel Benasayag, Angelique Del Rey, Elogio del conflitto, Feltrinelli, Milano 2008.
3) Antonietta Potente, Sapienza quotidiana. Una lettura del Qoelet dal sud del mondo, Icone, Roma 2001.

One of those novels
- Cheikh Hamidou Kane (1961), L’ambigua Avventura, Edizioni e/o, Roma 2003.
- Paulina Chiziane, Il settimo giuramento, La nuova Frontiera, Roma, 2002.
- Henri Lopes, Ma grand-mère bantoue et mes ancêtre les Gaulois, Gallimard, 2003.
- Assia Djebar, (1999) Queste voci che mi assediano, il Saggiatore, Milano 2004.

Students not attending in addition to the texts in the bibliography must also submit the following:-
- Tzevetan Todorov (1982), La conquista dell’America. La questione dell’altro, Einaudi, Torino, 1984) e sono pregati di prendere contatto con la docente e presentarsi all’incontro a loro dedicato mercoledì 16 novembre ore 17,30 nello studio della docente (Palazzo Zorzi, Lungadige Porta Vittoria n. 17, II° piano)

Assessment methods and criteria

Exam method: interview.