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Margherita Pasini
Margherita Pasini
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Sem. 1A, Sem. 1B

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Learning outcomes

The course aims to achieve base concepts of statistical theory applied on psychological research. This course communicates the underlying statistical methods used in the analysis of psychological data. It presents the basic concepts and assumptions of statistical theory applied in the logical development of statistical inferences. The pedagogical focus is on statistical reasoning, interpretation, and decision making. Descriptive and inferential statistics are covered. Emphasis is on the interpretation of statistics in psychological work research, literature, and evaluation. Computer applications using statistical software are performed.


 Introduction to Measurement and Research methods in psychology.
 Graphical representation of data.
 Numerical descriptors of data.
 Hypothesis testing: an introduction. Large-sample test of the mean
 One population tests. Hypothesis test of the mean: small sample. Hypothesis test of a single variance. Hypothesis test of a single proportion. Confidence intervals.
 Comparing two populations. Large-sample tests of the difference in two population means. Small-sample tests of the difference in two population means (dependent and independent samples). Test of the difference in two population proportions. Test of the difference in two population variances.
 Experimental design and ANOVA. Analysis of data from one-way designs.
 Analysis of Data from Two-Way Designs. Factorial designs. Other Types of Experimental Designs.
 Correlation and regression. Regression analysis. The simple linear regression model.
 The Analysis of Qualitative Data. Test for Goodness of Fit. Test for Equality of Proportions. Chi-Square Test for Independence.
 Description of some advanced techniques of data analysis.

1) Marilyn K. Pelosi e Theresa M. Sandifer (2005), Introduzione alla statistica, McGraw-Hill, Milano, (Elementary Statistics: From Discovery to Decision.
2) Other materials may be assigned during the course (notices will be given in professor home page

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test with multiple choice items, in computer room. Consulting textbooks and computer is permitted.

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