Pedagogical Research Laboratory (2010/2011)

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Luigina Mortari
Luigina Mortari
Number of ECTS credits allocated
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Language of instruction
Sem. 2A dal Feb 21, 2011 al Apr 10, 2011.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

- to understand the concept of self-education
- to develop reflective skills relating to self-education


The laboratory is considered to be an environment providing opportunities for students to experience educational research in practice, in order to develop skills relating to self-education. The organization of empirical experiences is rooted in the concept of learning as a practice.
Since naturalistic epistemology, whose framework is within the post-modern paradigm, considers the researcher as an essential research instrument, the course examines the practice of self-education, which is conceived not as a technical skill, but as a way to develop an epistemical posture.
Student are involved in activities such as:
- reflective practice
- discussions
- writing

Reading list:
(a) Mortari, L., Aver cura di sé, Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2009
(b) Foucault, M. L’ermeneutica del soggetto, Feltrinelli, Milano 2003.
(c) Mortari, L. Un metodo a-metodico, Liguori, Napoli, 2006

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam with open-ended questions.

The course program is valid for one academic year only, i.e. for three exam sessions (corresponding to six exam dates). On order to allow correspondence between course content and academic year, students are only allowed to take the exam with the program of the year in progress.

Teaching aids