Theories and Methods of Educational and Didactic Design (2010/2011)

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Luca Ghirotto
Luca Ghirotto
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Sem. 1B dal Nov 15, 2010 al Jan 16, 2011.

Lesson timetable

Sem. 1B
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Tuesday 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM lesson Lecture Hall Zorzi B  
Friday 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM lesson Lecture Hall Zorzi B  

Learning outcomes

Today’s world ask the future educators and pedagogists not only to understand and deal with educational theories but the capability of constructing educational paths and projects.
Those are the educational objectives:
- Theoretical goals
o Understand the “progettazione”
o Understand phenomenological perspective as framework
- Practical goals
o Write and construct projects for 0-6
o Write and construct projects for schools and extra school educational processes


- Mapping
- Educational needs searching
- Observation as tool for projecting
- Intercultural sensibility
- Writing a project
- Projecting: from projects to education
Students can choose contents of assessment.
Projecting 0-6, two books among the following:
- Cigala, A. & Corsano, P. (2007). Bambini nei contesti educativi: osservare per progettare. Metodologie per un pensiero progettuale nei servizi per l'infanzia. Bergamo: Edizioni Junior.
- D’Odorico, L. & Cassibba, R. (2001). Osservare per educare. Roma: Carocci.
- Edwards, C., Gandini, L. & Forman, G. (2010). I cento linguaggi dei bambini. Bergamo: Edizioni Junior.
Projecting school and extra school processes, two books among the following:
- Capperucci, D.(2010). Dalla programmazione educativa e didattica alla progettazione curricolare. Modelli teorici e proposte operative per la scuola delle competenze. Milano: Franco Angeli.
- Silverman, D. (2008). Manuale di ricerca sociale e qualitativa. Roma: Carocci.
- Tramma, S. (1999). Pedagogia sociale. Milano: Guerini.
During the class, other material will be provided.

Assessment methods and criteria

Students will be asked to construct and deliver a project, before the date of the exam. The project is part of the assessment.
The exam will be performed trough open and/or multiple choice questionnaire about contents and books listed.