History of Education and Pedagogy [Cognomi A-L] (2010/2011)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Mario Gecchele
Mario Gecchele
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Language of instruction
Sem. 1A, Sem. 1B

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Learning outcomes

The course of history of the education and the pedagogy proposes him to help the students, that have of aim a formation for professional educators, in to form him a vision storiografica on to evolve of the formalities and of the reflections on the educational one, characterized not by preclusions and apriorism, but rather from the sense of the complexity of the methods, of the points of view and of attitudes of opening. Through the delivery of problems and pictures of reference, the course has the tendency therefore to promote a critical reading autoriflessiva on the educational and cultural problem list related to the modern and contemporary period.


This year the course intends to favor the understanding (dubiousness and possibility) of the last part of the life in a vision of permanent education.
The walk of the pedagogy and the education in the modern age.
The history of the scholastic education in Italy, above all to level of alfabetizzazione, from the end of the Seven hundred one to our days.
The elderly one in the history. To get ready, to become and to be elderly. The nonnità.

Texts for the examination
R. Lanfranchi-J.M. Prellezo, Educazione scuola e pedagogia nei solchi della storia, vol. 2, Dall’Illuminismo all’era della globalizzazione, LAS, Roma, 2008.
M. Gecchele (a cura di), Il segreto della vecchiaia, Franco Angeli, Milano 2010.
G. Giumelli-M. Gecchele, Poveri e reclusi. Dagli hospitali ai ricoveri: legislazione, statuti, condizioni di vita, Guerini, Milano 2004.
G. Petter, Per una verde vecchiaia, Giunti, 2009.

Assessment methods and criteria

Writing text with open answer questions

The course is open only to the letters A-L.