General Pedagogy (2010/2011)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Agostino Portera
Agostino Portera
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Sem. 1A, Sem. 1B

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide the basic elements of the pedagogic discourse, doing an in-depth study of some issues of great relevance. Starting from the results of the latest scientific research and from the challenges and the pitfalls of the twenty-first century education (the crisis of values, orientation and education), during the course we will try to highlight the centrality of education to deal with many current crisis and conflicts. After the analysis of some of the most significant proposals it will be possible to think over aims, methods and educational means that can improve the progress of civilization. In particular, the course will focus on education in a pluralistic society.
The course will be supported by specific exercises, which form an integral part of the examination test


1. Globalization, crisis of values and crisis of education.
2. The central position of pedagogy and education in modern society.
3. Educational strategies in a context of pluralism and diversity.

General Part:
- PORTERA, A., BÖHM W., SECCO, L., Educabilità, educazione e Pedagogia nella società complessa. Lineamenti introduttivi. UTET, Torino, 2007.

Monographic Section:
- PORTERA, A., Tesori sommersi. Emigrazione, identità, bisogni educativi interculturali, F. Angeli, Milano, 20086.
- DELORS, J., Nell’educazione un Tesoro. Armando, Roma, 1997.

For a deeper insight of the practical part, students should choose one of the following books:
- *GRANESE, A., Istituzioni di pedagogia generale. CEDAM, Padova, 2003.
- BÖHM W., Pedagogia generale nella storia dell’educazione. Armando, Roma, 2008.
- BRUNER, J., La cultura dell’educazione. Feltrinelli, Milano, 1997.
- CONTINI M., La comunicazione intersoggettiva fra solitudini e globalizzazione. La Nuova Italia, 2002.
- * BREZINKA W., Obiettivi e limiti dell’educazione. Armando, Roma, 2002.
- GARDNER H., Sapere per comprendere. Feltrinelli, Milano, 1999.
- *AA.VV., Pedagogia interculturale in Italia e in Europa, Vita e Pensiero, Milano, 2003.
- MARITAIN, J., L’educazione al bivio. La Scuola, Brescia, 1963.
- * BREZINKA, W. L’educazione in una società disorientata. Armando, Roma, 1989.
- PERETTI, M., Valori perenni e pedagogia. La Scuola, Brescia, 1984.
- RICOEUR, P., La Persona, Morcelliana, Brescia, 1997.
- SECCO, L. Dall’educabilità all’educazione, Morelli, Verona, 2000
- SECCO, L. La pedagogia dell’amore, Città Nuova, Roma 2006.
- *VICO, G., Pedagogia generale e nuovo umanesimo. La Scuola, Brescia, 2002.
- FRABBONI F. et alli, Le parole della Pedagogia, Boringhieri, Torino, 2007.

* suggested book for those who do not attend lessons.

Assessment methods and criteria

The teaching and valuation methods will be communicated at the beginning of the course. The examination will be written and oral; only the oral part results will be recorded.