Psychiatry (2009/2010)

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Francesco Amaddeo
Francesco Amaddeo
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Sem. 2A dal Feb 22, 2010 al Apr 18, 2010.

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Learning outcomes

The course of Psychiatry has the objective to give psychopatology’s base knowledges to the students, with particular attention to the pathologies that mostly absorb the Services for the Mental Health. Part of the course will also consider the historical, legal and of organizational aspects of the socio-sanitary services that concern the psychiatric area. At the end of the course, integrated by the presentation and discussion of clinical cases, the student is able to know: to) the Psychiatry intervention areas; b) what are and how are classified the mental disorders; c) which are the possible causes of the mental disorders; which are the more effective therapeutic-riabilitative and social interventions and d) how the Departments for the Mental Health are constituted and how do they work.


1)Psychiatry history and evolution of the psychiatric care
2)Organic cerebral syndromes
3)Schizophrenia and simil-schizophrenic states
4)Affective disorders
5)Drugs and alchool addiction
6)Neurosis and somatophorm disorders
7)Childhood and adolescence disorders
8)Elderly disorders
9)Evaluation of the therapeutic-riabilitative activities
10)The relationship with the intermediary structures
11)The relationship with the families and the organization of psychoeducational programs
12)Juridical aspects of particular importance in psychiatry
13)The Department for the Health Mental

Texts for the examination:
per il punto 1: G. Jervis - Manuale critico di psichiatria –- Cap. 2, 1997, Feltrinelli
per i punti da 2 a 8: Goldberg, Benjamin e Creed – Psichiatria nella pratica medica – 1996, Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore - Capp.11, 12, 12A, 13, 13A, 14, 15, 15B, 16, 17, 19.
per i punti da 9 a 13: Garzotto, Imperadore e Inglese – Buona pratica clinica nei DSM – 2000, Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore - Capp. 8, 9, 10, 11, Appendice.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination.