Social network analysis (2007/2008)

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Luigi Tronca
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Sem. I B dal Nov 12, 2007 al Dec 20, 2007.

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Learning outcomes

The main aim of the course is to provide a systematic introduction to techniques of structural analysis, known also well as techniques of social network analysis. The course first presents the theoretical roots of social network analysis. Secondly it examines in depth the relational view of social phenomena, and the operationalisation of the main relational concepts: tie, subject, relationship, group, subgroup, and network structure. Then some methods of social network analysis are shown. Finally, the course presents the concept of social capital, which is closely related to the concept of social network. Some of the research methods for the analysis of social capital are shown. Furthermore, an example of this analysis is presented and applied to the study of a social policy for Italian schools.


First part: 1. Definition and utility of social network analysis; 2. The theoretical roots of social network analysis; 3. The social relation and its operationalization; 4. Methods of the data collection and organization; 5. The graphic representation of data; 6. The Graph Theory; 7. The matrix representation of data; 8. Centrality and centralization of graphs; 9. Methods and techniques for the partition of graphs; 10. Methods and techniques for the reduction of graphs; 11. Positions, roles and structural equivalence; 12. Limits and prospects for social network analysis.
Second part: 1. Capital in sociological theory: from economic capital to social capital; 2. Theories of social capital: individualistic, holistic, and relational approaches; 3. Strategies of analysis and measurement of social capital; 4. The structural interacnionist way of analysing social capital: the empirical study “Social capital and effectiveness of the support services in a pedagogical centre”; 5. A hypothesis of methodological integration.

A.M. Chiesi, L’analisi dei reticoli, Milano, FrancoAngeli, 1999.
L. Tronca, L’analisi del capitale sociale, Padova, Cedam, 2007 (save for chapter 4 and appendix).

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination.