History of the childhood education (2007/2008)

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Mario Gecchele
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Sem. I A dal Oct 1, 2007 al Nov 3, 2007.

Lesson timetable

Sem. I A
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Monday 10:10 AM - 11:50 AM lesson Lecture Hall T.5  
Tuesday 11:50 AM - 1:30 PM lesson Lecture Hall T.5  
Thursday 10:10 AM - 11:50 AM lesson Lecture Hall T.5  

Learning outcomes

The course of history of the childish education intends to help the students, that aim at a formation for professional educators, to form an historiographical vision on the evolution of the formalities and of the remarks upon the educational method, without "preclusions and apriorism but characterized by the sense of the complexity" of the methods, of the points of view and of attitudes of opening. The course aims therefore to promote a critical self thoughtful reading on the educational problem list relevant, in the modern and contemporary period, to the education of the infancy and about the role of the fatherhood.


1. The education of the little girl and the little girl through the centuries: from the infanticide, to the militarization, to the century of the little boy and the disappearance of the infancy.
2. The fatherly figure in the history of the education.

Texts for the examination:
D. Buenaventura, Storia dell’infanzia, Dedalo, Bari, 2002.
C. Covato, Memorie di cure paterne. Genere, percorsi educativi e storia dell’infanzia, Unicopli, Milano, 2002.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written test with opened answer questions.