Philosophy of Religion (p) (2006/2007)

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Gianluca Solla
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2nd semester dal Feb 19, 2007 al Jun 1, 2007.

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Religion philosophy is the meeting point of the typical philosophy radicalism and the religious request of integrity. It underlines individual and social aspects of human behaviour through the acquaintance of different disciplines. Each issue is considered into an historical context, but also with a major theoretical commitment. Different disciplines (historical, political, legal, theological) find their horizon of interdisciplinary investigation and development really in Religion philosophy.


Targets of the course: Contents of the course: Animal escape, the beast I am.
Tradition presents different images of human-looking creatures with animal heads. In these mixed figures there’s a precious information: the coming of the Messiah transfigures beasts as well as men: this takes man to reconcile with his animal nature. Because of this, the aim of the course will be double: on one side, it’ll continue the issue brought up last year concerning flesh and body, in relation to the concept of law; on the other hand, it’ll investigate the common sense of nudity that joins man and animals which is the most intimate character of flesh. Both paths connect in the figure of the Idiot.

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral test.
Attendant students can investigate a particular subject (agreed with the professor) in a written work.