CREAa: Centre for Research in Ethnography and Applied Anthropology, "Francesca Cappelletto"

The Centre for Research in Ethnography and Applied Anthropology (CREAa) groups together teachers and researchers from various sectors that study social, cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious issues for application purposes. The Centre’s researchers favour and develop qualitative hermeneutics and epistemologies using the latest ethnographic methods while still interconnecting creatively with traditional quantitative methods. The Centre acts as an interdisciplinary advanced research point of reference in the field of anthropology and anthropologically orientated sciences, based on the same model as research centres in other countries.

The Centre’s focus is research, study and ethnographic counselling, with particular reference to the following areas:

1. Anthropology of recognition and redistribution policies in democratic systems;

2. Anthropology of relations between cultural minorities (indigenous, sub-national, immigrational) and nation-states;

3. Political and juridical anthropology of xenophobia and racism, as well as of practices relating to respect for human rights (UN Declaration 1948) and the right to diversity and cultural equality (UNESCO Declaration 2001) in Europe and elsewhere;

4. Socio-cultural anthropology of education, both in school and elsewhere;

5. Economic and development anthropology in Europe and elsewhere;

6. Anthropology of voluntary work and national and international cooperation;

7. Anthropology of borders, migrations and cross-border flows;

8. Anthropology of domestic groups and family unit re-building;

9. Anthropology of historicity regimes;

10. Applied anthropology in social services.

In regard to point 3, the Centre acts as one of the first institutionalized examples of international research regarding the systematic study of anti-Gypsyism (one of the less studied forms of racism that is particularly well-rooted in Europe) and suggesting measures to combat, reduce and overcome it.

Moreover, the Centre aims to promote meetings, seminars, conferences on its themes of interest and, for that purpose, is determined to establish relations in order to share information, databases, etc. with other Italian and international research centres.

Lastly, CREAa is an ethnographic and anthropological research training centre for degree students, interns and trainees.

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