Master I in Skills Planning, Teaching and Assessment

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Arising from experience gained in the last few years in the Veneto system and recent, urgent legislation, this course aims to guide participants towards the construction of a common practical model applicable to professional and technical schools and vocational teaching, in order to promote skills development in educational contexts. This Masters programme, created as an opportunity for joint training and mutual exchange between Professional and Technical Education Centre (CFP) trainers and vocational and technical institute teachers, centres on skills planning and assessment. In particular, it aims to guide course participants to focus on activities and work projects that "activate", "mobilise" and "set in motion" students and their skills.

Course details

Degree type
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
1 Year
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Master in Progettare, insegnare e valutare per competenze
Main Department
Human Sciences
Macro area
Subject area
Education, Philosophy and Social Work