The Department of Human Sciences conducts theoretical, historical and empirical studies on a range of topics regarding human culture, using approaches and perspectives from anthropology, philosophy, pedagogy, psychology and sociology. Research spans the development and transformation processes of individuals, groups, societies and cultures in different contexts, family, community, school, the workplace, educational, social and individual services and the third sector organisations. In a daily comparison with the challenges of the contemporary world, department staff investigate themes such as thought production and the conceptual formation of knowledge as well as ways that structural and cultural elements of society change.

Research covers macro-systems (society and the dynamics of social stratification, migration processes and the relationship between culture, welfare policies, gender issues, social inclusion and educational policies, especially regarding disadvantaged persons), and the dynamics that involve individuals and groups in everyday life (relational dynamics and social networks, care practices along the course of life, childhood development and education, work environment quality, consumer strategies and orientation, and the relationship between body and cognition).
The Department pursues interdisciplinary lines of research and seeks to continually develop academic collaborations with national and international universities and research centres.

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