PhD in Education and Lifelong Learning (last intake in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


The Phd study involves a three year mainly interdisciplinary programme that will provide students with competence on scientific research and related methodologies in the field of education and vocational training processes. The Doctorate will focus on models and theories finalized at enhancing students’ capability on planning, managing and evaluating educational activities carried on different targets of population delivered in complex social contexts and organizational systems. Phd study will enable to conduct theoretical, epistemological, historical, empirical, experimental research, also with the involvement in national as well as international research projects. Phd study programme: 1) basic and specific activities for which the attendance is compulsory: class lessons, seminars, laboratory sessions; 2) optional activities (participation in conventions, meetings, stages, research groups in Italy and/or abroad); 3) a personal research project on an original subject to be developed across the three years curriculum under the tutorship of an academic. The outcomes will be embodied into a substantial dissertation.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Supervisory body
Teaching staff council for the doctorate in Education and Training Sciences
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Human Sciences
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