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Arianna Costantini holds a PhD in Human Sciences - Psychology, obtained at the University of Verona in 2020. Since 2016 she has been visiting PhD student at the Human Performance Management Group, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Her main research interests are:

  • Job Design & Future of Work
  • Healthy Work & Thriving at Work
  • Interventions & Policy-Making for People Development

Her publications are mainly positioned in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, such as Applied Psychology, Current Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Personnel Psychology, as well as book chapters in ISI Web of Science indexed volumes.
She serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals in the field of applied psychology, including European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Applied Psychology, Human Resource Management, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.


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Research groups

APRESO - Applied Research in Society and Organizations
APRESO (Applied Research in Society and Organizations) is the name of a group of scholars and practitioners dealing with research and interventions in social and work and organizational psychology fields. As for the social field, members of APRESO deal, for example, with dynamics of cooperation and competition, self-centered (selfish) and other-centered (altruistic) behaviors, the phenomenon of volunteering and social innovation. As for work and organizational psychology, members of APRESO deal, for example, with learning and training, differences between different professional roles, work socialization and organizational innovation. APRESO adopts a scientist-practitioner approach according to which research is oriented by practical needs and interventions are designed based on those models that have obtained valid and reliable empirical support. Finally, APRESO makes use of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, as well as mixed methods, in order to carry out studies and implement interventions, annexing scholars from different fields of social research (psychologists, pedagogists, sociologists, economists, etc.).

Arianna Costantini
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