PhD in Organisational Psychology: Differentiation and Integration Processes (last intake in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


(2013-2015 – lectures will be in English language)
The PhD course’s aim is to supply a theoretical, methodological and technical level preparation, in order to describe, explain and interpret the relationships, and the differentiation and integration processes in the organizations. All this is referred to the man/work relationship (i.e. new technologies for work and learning, etc.), to the relational and social dynamics inherent to human factor within the organizations (work values, competences, relations within the organizations, etc.) and to the climates and cultures which liven to the organizational dimension of work.

Aims of the course:
·         acquisition of knowledge of fundamental psychological theoretical models sustaining the study and the intervention in the organizations;
·         acquisition and expansion on thematic areas (both theoretical and applicative) concerning the organizations;
·         acquisition of scientific research methodology (both quantitative and qualitative) for the design and realization of research projects in complex organizations;
·         acquisition of appropriate statistical analysis techniques utilizing the most significant statistical packages;
·         acquisition of competences in conceiving, planning, realizing a scientific research project starting from an appropriate knowledge of theories, fundamental models, and methodological knowledge of both base and applied research;
·         acquisition of competences for the diffusion of scientific research results (national and international congresses; national and international scientific publications);
·         application of scientific results at development and improvement of work life and organizational policies and practices.
Teaching activities include courses concerning thematic issues in most advanced organizational psychology and methodological courses with quantitative and qualitative perspective. The general teaching plan is to work in collaboration among Italian professors member of the PhD board  and scientists of eminent foreign sites.
Each phd student will benefit from a customized tutorship, a co-tutorship with an Italian and a foreign tutor, aimed to build a personal research project.
PdH students will perform a stage abroad, to deepen subjects and methods about their research project.
The teaching staff includes professor from University of Verona (Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, all members of the PhD Council) and invited foreign scholars, academic and professionals, with a long history of collaboration with the PhD Course.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Supervisory body
Teaching staff council for the doctorate in Organization Psychology: Diferrentiation and Integration Processes
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