Degree in Education Studies (until 2007-2008)

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The degree course in Education Sciences provides a theoretical and methodological background as well as providing students with operative skills in the education sector. These are integrated in various ways with studies of the natural and human sciences. To this end, the course is also designed to develop students' ability when writing and speaking, at least one European language other than Italian, as well as developing their skills with Information technology for communicating and organizing information.

We wish to inform you that the course title has changed from "Degree course for Professional Educators" to "Degree in Education Sciences" only as far as matriculation is concerned from the academic year 2004-2005. This means that those students who enrolled in years previous to this date will keep the previous title in their study record books and in the study curriculum. We also with to inform you that the change of title has no effect on the training which is being offered nor on the course programmes, which will stay the same for " Professional Educators" as it is for the new students who have matriculated as " Degree course in Education Sciences".

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Degree class
18 - Undergraduate degree in education and training studies
Supervisory body
Council for the Degree Course for Professional Educators
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Humanistic Studies Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Human Sciences
Macro area
Subject area
Education, Philosophy and Social Work