Teoria e tecnica psicometrica (2019/2020)

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Margherita Brondino
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Lezione 4 Sem. 1B Margherita Brondino

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Esercitazione 2 Sem. 1B Margherita Brondino

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Learning outcomes

1) Know and understand methods of research and measurement of psychological phenomena related to the individual, interpersonal relationship and groups.
2) Apply the knowledge of the psychological measurement tools of the individual's assessment to the assessment of the needs of learning, training and development of individuals in the life cycle, groups, organizations and communities


MM: Lezioni
The program will be developed trough frontal lessons, workshop with psychologists expert on the application of psychological tests in clinical and organizational context and work groups. The work group activities will be optional. The moodle platform will be used to support the course activities. The program is the same for both students who attend the course and who not attend it.
The program of the course will cover the following topics:
- The issue of the measure in psychology
- The administration of a questionnaire
- How to build a psychological test: what we want to measure
- The scaling models - How to write a test
- Preliminary analysis of the items
- Exploratory and confirmatory analysis and criterion validity
- Interpretation and standardization of the scores
- Introduction and application of two famous psychological tests
MM: Esercitazioni
A brief description of the program that will be done during the lab:
L1. How to write the items of a questionnaire, to collect data and prepare a database;
L2. Preparation of the database (continue), coding of the variables and transformation of the reverse;
L3. Analysis of the quality of the data and of the scale;
L4. Introduction of R: descriptive statistics and reliability of the scale;
L5. Exploratory factor analysis
L6. Confirmatory factor analysis and criterio validity
L7. Exercitations

Assessment methods and criteria

MM: Lezioni
The exam is written and it is composed by 32 questions with multiple choice responses on the topics of the course. The final score of the exam is the sum of the score of a written exam (compulsory, score from 0 to 32), the score of the laboratory exercitation (facultative, score from 0 to 3), the score of the work-group presentation and discussion on a paper (facultative, score from 0 to 2).
MM: Esercitazioni
Final written exam (facultative, score from 0 to 3) with exercises on Excel and JASP to test the psychometric properties of a test.

Reference books
Activity Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Lezione Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer Introduzione alla statistica per psicologia. Con MyLab. Con e-book. Con espansione online. Pearson Education Italia 2014
Esercitazione Vito M. R. Muggeo Giancarlo Ferrara Il linguaggio R : concetti introduttivi ed esempi 2005