Comparative Literature SC (p) (2012/2013)

Course code
Name of lecturers
Raffaella Bertazzoli, Matteo Rima
Raffaella Bertazzoli
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Semestrino IIA, Semestrino IIB

Lesson timetable

Semestrino IIA
Day Time Type Place Note
Monday 3:40 PM - 6:10 PM lesson Lecture Hall 2.2  
Semestrino IIB
Day Time Type Place Note
Monday 3:40 PM - 6:10 PM lesson Lecture Hall 2.2  

Learning outcomes

The first part of the course aims to make students familiar with the methods and the objectives of comparative studies. The comparative approach will then be applied to narratives belonging to a specific genre (in this case, the detective story). Finally, we will analyze the processes of “creative translation” which turn a work of literature into a graphic novel.


Title of the course
The detective story between novel and comics. How the literary adventures of five famous detectives became graphic novels.

Course description:
By a selection of literary works in which they appear as the protagonists, the first part of the course introduces the figure of five well-known fictional detectives: Poe’s Auguste Dupin, Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Christie’s Hercule Poirot, Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Camilleri’s Salvo Montalbano. First we will read the original stories/novels in which they appear; then, the graphic novels which adapt the above-mentioned stories. The comparison will emphasize the characteristics and the peculiarities of the language of comics, juxtaposed to the more familiar language of “classic” literature.

Assessment methods and criteria

written (prof. Bertazzoli) and oral (dott. Rima) exam